Why Us

Why choose AME Surveys as your main supplier of Engineering Survey Services ?

  • Efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Accurate and timely services
  • Quality of presentation to clients
  • Professional and Experienced Staff
  • Ability to cover all your project needs
  • High Level of service in a tight labour market
  • Ability to expand for larger scale, long term projects

Korea Zinc Project – 2 year project for construction of rail and ponds.


AME Surveys Pty Ltd is able to provide a complete solution, with our high level of computer expertise and highly capable field staff. We can take ANY data format and create survey setout data, Machine Guidance files, and/or topographical data files. We are extremely efficient at the data flow, saving you time and money.
AME Surveys Pty Ltd has continued to develop the programme Stringer Survey. Jon is the lead programmer for this Survey reduction programme, which currently holds 22% of the Australian market for Land Survey software. The programme is maintained and supported by the national distribution company , Civil Survey Solutions. We perform specialist programming tasks for clients, such as database and spreadsheet integration with Survey Data. AME Surveys Pty Ltd primarily perform civil projects, such as rail and road construction, but also perform contract work for some small mines.