1- Road Construction

  • Field Party management
  • Machine Guidance file creation
  • Machine Guidance monitoring
  • Design Model creation for field computers
  • Quality Assurance checks for subgrade and final surface
  • Data transfer from computer to field for unparalleled precision and efficiency
  • Reduction of quality checks for automatic auditing of construction processes

2 – Mining

  • Underground and Open
  • Long wall monitoring
  • Drive alignments (laser line)
  • Drive volume surveys (field and office)
  • Blast Profile Surveys – computer calculations and setout
  • RTK GPS calibration and monitoring
  • Open Cut Volume Surveys – field and office

3 – Aerials, Towers, and Antennae Arrays

  • Location and Orientation of Aerial Systems (DOD)
  • Location and Orientation of Antenna Arrays (DOD)
  • Tower Setout
  • Investigation surveys for Site Design
4 – Mapping

  • Mission Planning and initialisation of field data for Terrestrial and Aerial Mapping
  • Quality Assurance checks
  • Reduction of field survey and plan preparation
  • Enhancement of Survey data with Attributes